Friday, January 4, 2008

My playoff predictions

Tomorrow starts the first day of the NFL playoffs. Here are my predictions for the first round.
Washington vs. Seattle-
I see the Seahawks winning this one 27-24. Even though the Redskins have played well down the stretch and will play inspired football I think that the Seahawks playing at home will squeak this one out.
Jacksonville vs. Pittsburgh-
This matchup is the most difficult to choose as i think it is a toss up. Ultimately i think that the Jaguars will pull this one out 28-21. Big Ben gets sacked once every 14 attempted passes, and i think they will have to throw with Willie Parker out. Plus David Garrard doesn't turn it over and that will be the difference.
New York vs. Tampa Bay-
I think that the Bucs will win this one 21-17. Eli is a mental midget and never plays well in big games. The Bucs d will do all the work and Garcia will do enough not to screw it up.
Tennessee vs. San Diego-
I think that the Chargers will win this one 35-17 but i am worried that if the Titans can stick around til the 4th quarter that Vince Young will pull something out of his ass.
It should be fun.


thepadfather said...

so far so good im two for two. i hope that the chargers win

TTG said...

Three out of four- pretty good. I was amazed by the Giants, too.

sdsuaztec4 said...

Sweet new graphic at the top of the page!