Friday, January 11, 2008

Playoff Predictions part deux

Last week I went 3-1 and am hoping to go 3-1 this weekend.
Seattle vs. Green bay
I think this will be a close game but in the end the Pack will take this one 27-24.
Jacksonville vs. New England
I do not think that this game will be as good as most as I think the Pats will blow them out 38-17.
New York vs. Dallas
I for one do still not believe in Eli and think this Romo ordeal is beyond ridiculous. Boys 35-28.
San Diego vs. Indy
I think that people are underestimating the fact that San Diego owns Indy for some odd reason. Just like people doubted that the Warriors would beat the Mavs. Ultimately i think the Boltz win and win 27-24


TTG said...

I'm curious to see how you do next week since there's no chance of finishing .750 yet again.

ABY said...

.750??? You mean .250!

He was wrong about the Pack, it WAS a blow-out! He was wrong about Jacksonvilla, it was a GREAT game and close for quite a while and he was wrong about eli [unfortunately :(].
The only thing tpf got right was that we all underestimated the chargers.

Lets see if he can break .500 next week? and lets hope that includes our bolts!