Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pads and Pats

I don't know about most people but I am still not completely satisfied about what we did the off-season. I really hope that KT is not done and pulls out a trade, either for a corner outfielder or center fielder, before spring training.
Is it me or is anyone else worried that Brian Giles isn't going to be ready for opening day?
Anyone heard what Aki is looking for? I wouldn't mind having him back in the bullpen one bit if the cost was right. I think him, Tatch, and Merrideth would be an unbelievable tandem in the pen.
I really hope Headley gets his fair shot to start out the year. I really do not want him on the big league roster if he isn't going to get a significant number of at bats. Either play him in left and give the everyday job or keep him in AAA and let him start at third.
Reiterating how happy I am about the Prior signing. I am glad he wanted to come back and play at home and I think his deal is best for both him and the Padres although I wish there was a team option for 09.
All in all I'm excited for the season to start and can't wait to see how things play themselves out in spring training.

In non-padre news. I hate the Patriots. I always have, there is just something so smug about Tom Brady and Bill Billicheat. I hate how he can go up to Anthony Smith and start barking in his face and everyone says what a great leader he is yet Phillip Rivers gets called whiny when he talks shit. I have never rooted for a New York team in my life, not to mention Eli Manning is one of my least favorite players in the NFL but tonight it will be like I am rooting for the Boltz or Pads. Is it the smartest thing to do for the Giants to not rest their starters? NO. Would i start them knowing i can't improve/lower my playoff spot? in most cases no i wouldn't but we are talking about an undefeated season and i commend Coughlin in his desire to win. Good for him. Go Giants. STP. screw the patriots.

I'm done have a good weekend.


sdsuaztec4 said...

I hate the giants. I hate the patriots more. GO GIANTS!

thepadfather said...

damnit for a minute i thought the giants were going to take it. oh well its all good the first patriot loss will just have to come in the playoffs to jacksonville.

TTG said...

That was quite a game. I don't care for the Patriots or Brady, but I'm glad Randy got his.